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Stop dieting. Start living.

You've got too much to do to worry about being hungry all the time. And your life is far too busy for complicated diet plans. And being hungry simply isn’t an option, because it causes you to lose focus on all the other things you need to get done.

What you really want is a new way of eating that actually WORKS! Not a diet, but a lifestyle—a way of eating that’s so simple and so delicious, you could easily eat that way forever.

Our Thin Adapted System™ is that new way of eating.

Getting healthy should taste & feel good

Our Thin Adapted System™ (or TAS for short) is designed to help you lose weight and reset your metabolism by changing the way your body burns fuel.

It's the system that gives you the ability to lose weight nearly effortlessly—and you'll get to eat so much delicious food, you'll never feel hungry or deprived!

You're too busy to waste time being hungry.



Rule #1? You should never feel hungry. After all, life is way too short to waste time being miserable, and we also know that you've got too much going on to constantly be thinking about food. We believe in eating until you're satisfied, always.


For any change to stick, it has to work for the way you live your life. Do you travel or eat out a lot? No problem. Dietary restrictions that limit nuts, dairy or other foods? We got you covered. The beauty of our system is the ability to customize it just for you.


Because if what you're eating doesn't actually taste good, then what's the point? Our crave-able food products and insanely delicious recipes are developed to be so delicious that you--or your family--won't even realize they're actually good for you.

Featured product

Discover a better, easier way to plan your low-carb menu.

  • 50 delicious low-carb recipes to (quickly and easily) build out your weekly meal plans (with more being added all the time!)
  • Pre-built Trello template pre-loaded with low-carb recipes and completely customizable. Use them as-is, or add your own favorite recipes to adjust as necessary to fit your own life.
  • Step-by-step video tutorial to show you exactly how the template works and how to set it up for your own use.

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